Spanish Bmx Race Company

Spanish Bmx company dedicated to manufacture of frames for Bmx race bikes whit experience internationally in contries like such as United Kingdom, Aust5ralia, Norway, Germany, Peru, Colombia, France and Holland throught oficial point of distribution and profesional riders who supports the signature.

AUTOMOMY BIKES is a Young and relatilevy small company led by  its founder Samuel Cucalón ( 1990s  still in Active Elite rider) along a team responsible for controlling the 100% of the product from the process of design and development to finaly reach the customer.

One of the aspect to be very found of our firm is that all menbers of the team are or have been linked to BMX, with translates into a constant evelution and commiment wich each of the features you´are developing.

The contribition of Factory Riders to the design departament exploited to the maximun to offer a high quality Bmx Frame.


BMX RACE (Olimpic Beijing 2008) is a sport that generates a great expectacion and its very espectacular.
Bmx born in the 80s and it has that quickly spread all over the world. It attracts numerous practtioners of all ages by completeness and dinamism in its practice in all aspects.
BMX RACE becomes a clear showcase for diferent firms and companies where the iamge of the pilot does not go unnoticed and becomes a clear example for potencial consumers of either directly or indirectly.
The reality is proving that sponsoring is more cost-effective than advertising. The presence of the corporate image of a company in the sports world tranlate into a great return and investment.