Well that’s rounds 4 and 5 of the national series completed, the team had some awesome results despite the weather.

saturday rain then some more rain followed by some more rain, coursing nasty riding conditions all day. Marvin O’brien slammed hard taking him out for both days, Pete Bulter made it to the main final only to spin himself over the bars out the gate. Anothy tuffs had an amazing day taking the win in 17-29 and even with the weather conditioning he managed to boost the triples down the third straight.
Sunday was a great day, the sun came out and the team dominated the track, Anothy Tuffs again destroying the field with the class and skill everybody has come to expect from him, with the main topic of conversation around the track being that the jean wearing flat pedal rider was in race pants and clips, again taking the win. Another podium winner was young Callum Edwards taking the win in cruiser, for a young lad he is fully of skills going from third to first out the final turn, other podium results were Pete Bulter taking a second, Kieth Grainger with a Third and May Johnson also taking a third, great results from a great team of riders.
The worse bit of the day was Helen Biggs taking a real hard slam in the second turn when she slid out knocking herself clean unconsious, rumors being that she was actually snoring, i will let Helen comment on this to clarify, she and Marv are ok and gagging for the next round.
Massive well done to the whole team (including the parents of the younger riders)

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