I know that it’s too late to show this new but for us it is an historical moment of our brand.
The norwegian rider Kim Erik Larsen emerged victorious in the last European Championship that took place in Sweden.
Some months ago,in the beginning of the season,Kim and me were talking about whose were his objectives this year and we agreed to go tow of us to the Swedish race. For him was easy due to the proximity to his home and I was attracted by the idea of riding again in a scandinavian country.

Kim was clear about it,he would fight for the victory in this race. Months ago he was training PISTA in Poland with his friend and olimpic racer Sebastian Kartjford. He told me that he wanted to try this discipline and it seems that this helped,the results are plain to see! He did not win only the European but the Norway cup! He’s the boss!

I know a bit Norway because I was spending some days there in 2010 and riding the European Championship, it was one of the best one managed that I have been ever by the way. As I mentioned,I know Norway and perhaps the most impressive thing is the polite behaviour of norwegian people and his seriousness.

The word is something important in the viking culture,courteous people who indeed do what they promissed,and that’s what happened with Kim,like a machine he said it and he did it.

I must give thanks to Kim for trusting Autonomy and for being a great rider

Thank you my friend!

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